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NewsFuture BMW EVs to get Battery Tech Good for a 1,000 km...

Future BMW EVs to get Battery Tech Good for a 1,000 km Range

All of BMW’s brands including Rolls Royce will benefit from this battery technology

  • The 6th generation batteries are slated to arrive in 2025.

  • If BMW wanted to, they could drag even more range out of these batteries.

The EV range debate is about to end for good. BMW, and a few other automakers, are preparing to launch batteries that will enable an EV to travel 1,000 km between charges. Such a range is nearly unheard of for any ICE-powered vehicle, including diesels, so range anxiety is dead.

2022 BMW i4 M50 xDrive | Photo: Olivier Delorme

The next point that could be brought up is charging times. BMW’s new technology also addresses this as DC rapid-charging times will drop by roughly 30% over the old batteries as they’ll be capable of 270kW charging speeds. That leaves charging infrastructures…

Thomas Albrecht, BMW’s head of Efficient Dynamics, told Autocar: “Gen6 batteries will give us 30% or more range than our current Gen5, but we won’t go over 1000km [620 miles] of range, even though we can. We don’t think that such a long-range is necessary.”

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The new battery packs could be as much as 20% lighter than Gen5 units improving overall efficiency. The new cells will be cylindrical (like Tesla’s) and use a unique BMW chemistry with less cobalt but more nickel. They will be Chinese-built but BMW has plans for new battery plants in Canada, Mexico, and the US, among other countries, in order to meet demand and requirements for incentives.


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