Thursday, January 27, 2022
News G-Power Turns BMW M8 Into 888 hp Hurricane RR

G-Power Turns BMW M8 Into 888 hp Hurricane RR

G-Power builds near-900 hp M8

German tuner G-Power takes the latter part of its name very seriously. How seriously, you ask? How about a BMW M8 that’s been tweaked and tuned all the way to a nice 888 hp? That’s pretty serious.

Building the Hurricane M8 models, G-Power took what it had learned from the M5 and applied that knowledge to the 4.4L S63 V8 under the hood of the M8. Via Evo UK, G-Power tuned the V8 to 829 hp and an astonishing 774 lb-ft of torque, 212 and 221 over standard, thanks to upgraded turbochargers, a less restrictive exhaust, and a new tune in the ECU.

If that RS model isn’t enough, the Hurricane RR delivers 888 hp and the same 774 lb-ft of torque, with forged pistons and new conrods along with upgrades to the cooling system to keep everything spinning happily. Driveline upgrades from the stock BMW bits were needed to keep the oily bits in place.

Top speed is 342 km/h, limited by the tires and not the outright horsepower or drag of the car. G-Power offers two different sets of forged 21-inch wheels, and the suspension is now a fully adjustable coilover system to allow tuning for road or track.

Aside from the signature G-Power orange, the Hurricane cars can be fitted with a carbon fibre hood that offers looks and better airflow (and less weight). Buyers who pick the RR version will get their cabin reupholstered as part of the package, or can pay extra for it on the RS.



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