Monday, November 28, 2022
News General Motors Delivered its First Ultium Electric Vehicles

General Motors Delivered its First Ultium Electric Vehicles

General Motors delivered its first Ultium based EVs

  • The first production units of the GMC Hummer EV and the Brightdrop delivery vans have been built

  • These are the first vehicles to use the Ultium platform and motors

  • The first Brightdrop vans have been delivered to FedEx, the launch customer

General Motors met its goals for the introduction of its Ultium electric vehicle platform by launching the GMC Hummer EV and the Brightdrop delivery van before the end of 2021.

The automaker announced on Friday that the first production units of the GMC Hummer EV had been built and that FedEx had already received its first electric vans.

The Ultium platform is the company’s newest dedicated EV platform, which uses specific motors. The Ultium treatment will be given to all of the automaker’s electric vehicles, starting with the GMC Hummer EV and the Cadillac Lyriq, production of the latter coming in early 2022.

The Hummer EV is built at the automaker’s Zero Factory in Hammtrack, Detroit which recently received an extensive refit to allow for production of electric vehicles and the Brightdrop vans are made in Ontario, at the former CAMI plant that was operated jointly with Suzuki.

BrightDrop EV600 | Photo: GM

The first units of the GMC Hummer EV are all Edition 1 models, a special version that is equipped with three motors that give it a total of 1,000 horsepower and 1,200 lb-ft of torque, enough to propel the truck to 60 mph (96 km/h) in only 3.0 seconds despite the weight that is high enough to classify the truck as a heavy-duty vehicle.

The Brightdrop vans will be offered in two models, the EV410 and the longer EV600. The first units that were made are all the larger model, with the smaller one beginning production in 2023.

The first customer for this vehicle is FedEx, who will use them to deliver packages in replacement of their older gasoline powered trucks.

Production began in September and the first five vehicles have reached their customer on December 17.

The first Hummer EVs have not been delivered yet, but GM claims customers will receive their new truck shortly.

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