Wednesday, January 19, 2022
News General Motors has Announced Chevrolet Blazer and Equinox EVs, Among Others in...

General Motors has Announced Chevrolet Blazer and Equinox EVs, Among Others in Hopes of Beating Tesla

GM is working on its promise of 30 new EV by 2025

  • GM has promised 30 new EVs by 2025

  • The Chevrolet Equinox EV will cost $30,000 in the US, a cheaper EV will also be introduced

  • GM’s goal is to become the leading EV maker in the US, in front of Tesla

General Motors seems serious about its transition to electricity since it has promised 30 new EV models by 2025, and some of those have begun to be announced.

Yesterday, Chevrolet teased the upcoming Silverado EV pickup and today, the brand announced electrified versions of its Equinox and Blazer SUVs.

Few details are known about these vehicles yet, but the Equinox EV will have a price tag of $30,000 in the United States, making it slightly cheaper than the current Bolt EV that retails for $31,000.

The price of the Blazer EV was not revealed, but the current pricing structure should still apply, meaning it will be a bit more expensive than the Equinox.

Another Chevrolet EV was hinted at, and it will be even cheaper, perhaps in the $20,000 USD range.

Other divisions of General Motors will also introduce new models, all of them built on the company’s Ultium platform.

Buick is said to be working on electric SUVs and Cadillac is preparing the introduction of its Lyriq SUV and Celestiq sedan, while GMC is working on an EV truck other than the Hummer, most likely an electric version of the Sierra, to match the already announced Chevrolet Silverado EV.

All of these vehicles are part of GM’s plan to double its revenues by 2030 and overtake Tesla has the leader of EV sales in the United States.

This last part is already in motion since General Motors is currently in second place in terms of electric vehicles sales in the US and the addition of electric versions of its two most popular vehicles, the Silverado and the Equinox, will probably increase its EV sales greatly.

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