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NewsGeneral Motors Introduces a Plug and Charge Feature for EVs

General Motors Introduces a Plug and Charge Feature for EVs

Drivers of General Motors' EVs will be able to use Plug and Charge at public charging stations.

  • This allows drivers to simply plug the charger into the car, without having to use an app

  • The feature is available on all of GM’s current and upcoming electric vehicles

  • As of now, it only works with EVgo stations, but it will be expanded to other networks

General Motors launched a feature that will make it easier and more convenient to stop at a charging station for drivers of its electric vehicles.

Public charging stations usually require drivers to connect their phone to the charger via an app in order to authorize payment before electricity is allowed to reach their vehicle, which can take a few minutes.

Many automakers have been working on a solution to this problem and some of them have already implemented a Plug and Charge system, like Tesla.

Plug and Charge means that the battery begins to charge as soon as the cable is plugged in. This saves time for the driver and makes the process less complicated and more used friendly.

General Motors has now launched a similar feature but it has the distinction of being the first car company to offer this service across many public networks.

This isn’t entirely true for the moment since GM’s system only works on the EVgo network, but the automaker promises to expand it to many other providers soon.

These providers are expected to be those that are part of the Ultium Charge 360 network which is financed by General Motors.

This means that drivers of any of the current and upcoming electric vehicles from Chevrolet, Cadillac, Buick, and GMC will be able to plug and charge at stations from ChargePoint, Shell Recharge, FLO, and 8 others.

In this case, drivers will need to activate an account on the OnStar app in order to provide their payment information. After this is done, they will be able to pull up to any compatible station and simply plug in the cable to charge their battery and pay for the electricity used.

Cadillac LYRIQ | Photo: Cadillac


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