Thursday, February 9, 2023
News General Motors is Looking for Suppliers in Quebec

General Motors is Looking for Suppliers in Quebec

General Motors is in talks with possible suppliers for its upcoming Quebec battery materials plant.

  • The automaker is planning a battery materials factory in the Canadian province

  • GM is looking for companies to supply it with the necessary minerals

  • The new factory is expected to begin production in 2025

General Motors announced it is planning to build a battery materials plant in Quebec a while ago and now, the automaker is looking for local suppliers.

This new facility, operated in partnership with Posco Chemical, will produce the cathode and anode materials used in electric vehicle batteries installed in vehicles made in Ontario.

The minerals needed for their production include lithium, nickel, cobalt, and manganese, which are all mined in Quebec or the neighbouring provinces.

As of now, GM is in the process of buying the land and obtaining the required permits for this future facility near Bécancour, about halfway between Montreal and Quebec City.

This will be the first time a large-scale manufacturing operation will be undertaken in the province by an automaker since General Motors itself closed down its Sainte-Thérèse assembly plant in 2002.

Obviously, many suppliers are attracted by this project, including a number of outsiders who have expressed their interest in building their own facilities in Bécancour in order to supply GM with the materials it needs.

These include the Brazilian mining giant Vale, which studied the possibility of installing a nickel sulphate plant near the future GM facility, and Ontario’s Electra Battery Materials, which is thinking of Bécancour for its second cobalt processing facility.

General Motors said its current supply chain will enable it to build up to 1 million electric vehicles by the end of 2025, which is the year in which the future Quebec plant is expected to come online, further boosting the automaker’s production capacity.


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