Monday, January 17, 2022
News General Motors is Targeting Sales of Personal Autonomous Vehicles by mid Decade

General Motors is Targeting Sales of Personal Autonomous Vehicles by mid Decade

General Motors wants to sell autonomous vehicles to the public by the middle of the current decade

  • The company is also working on robotaxis through Cruise Origin

  • The same technology could be implemented in personal cars

  • The definition of autonomous vehicles according to the company is unclear

General Motors CEO Marry Barra announced that the company is aiming to sell autonomous vehicles to the general public by the middle of the current decade during her speech at the 2022 CES in Las Vegas.

In order to achieve this, the automaker will use the same technology that is being developed for the Cruise Origin project, a driverless shuttle that will operate robotaxi services in some cities.

Testing has already begun in San Francisco, where company employees can hail a driverless ride through the city, but not the public, since the system is still being refined and improved.

It isn’t clear what these autonomous vehicles will be exactly since there are two options: either the company intends to fit autonomous driving technologies to its mainstream models, thus making it an optional feature that the driver can activate whenever, or by selling purpose made vehicles which could be devoid of driver controls.

The first option is perhaps more likely, but since the Cruise Origin does not feature any driver controls, it is possible future autonomous vehicles from GM won’t either.

In addition, many believe that fully autonomous vehicles that don’t have any driver controls don’t make sense out of a ride sharing scheme or taxi service.

The automaker hasn’t provided more details about this but the timeline is now set to expect such vehicles around 2025.

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