Saturday, January 28, 2023
News General Motors Makes its Repair Parts Available Online

General Motors Makes its Repair Parts Available Online

GM joins online parts store game

  • GM letting you order parts online for delivery or dealer pickup

  • More than 45,000 GM parts added to sites

In a move that feels about 15 years late but will still likely make life easier for at-home mechanics and performance tuners, General Motors has announced it is adding online parts sales to its list of digital commerce offerings.

The online marketplace will have a catalogue of 45,000 repair and maintenance parts for Chevrolet, GMC, Buick, and Cadillac owners and repairers. GM says it will have common maintenance parts like oil and cabin filters as well as more serious parts including replacement body panels and even engine components.

While parts can be shipped to the customer’s home, GM is also leveraging its dealer network. Customers can choose to pick up their parts at more than 800 participating dealers. This can make shopping for the parts you need quicker and easier, removing much of the need to interact with the dealer’s parts desk and staff.

GM will also offer rewards points programs for customers that can be used to pay for parts and accessories as well as for dealer service. The parts offered will be genuine GM and ACDelco replacement components.

“Making our parts available online marks another step in transforming the ACDelco and GM Genuine Parts brands,” said GM Customer Care and Aftersales Global Vice President John Roth. “Our premium parts are engineered with exceptional quality to provide assurance to our customers. The launch of this trusted online sales channel extends that peace of mind to the parts-buying experience.”

General Motors says it expects online parts and accessory sales to be a $40B market by 2030. The company already sells all of its factory-authorized accessories through online portals.


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