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NewsGeneral Motors Now Has a Website Dedicated to Electric Vehicles

General Motors Now Has a Website Dedicated to Electric Vehicles

General Motors' new website dedicated to EVs aims to help people learn about electric vehicles.

  • The goal of this website is to familiarize buyers with electric vehicles

  • Visitors will be able to book a live tour with an employee

  • The website also has a section dedicated to charging

Many studies have proved that getting buyers to know more about electric vehicles makes them more likely to choose one over a gasoline-powered model.

This is why General Motors will launch a website dedicated to its EVs for the people who want to know more about them.

The website, called EVLive, is a source of information about the automaker’s electric vehicles and the Ultium technology they use.

What makes it different from other websites is that it can also be used to participate in a live tour, a special presentation made by a company employee about one of four topics: charging, living with an EV, range, and batteries.

Personalized tours can also be booked on specific topics. These tours are based on the same principle as an online meeting, except that the employee will not see the customers taking the tour.

The website will also include pages related to charging at home and on the road, including ones that talk about the automaker’s Ultium Charge 360 network, which has around 60,000 stations around the United States and Canada.

Since it is made by General Motors, this website will obviously focus on its new Ultium platform, which will be the backbone of its electrification, which is set to be completed in 2035.

The Ultium platform and the Ultium batteries will be used by all of the automaker’s upcoming electric vehicles, the first of which have begun to be delivered, such as the GMC Hummer EV and the Cadillac Lyriq.

The Ultium technology is not reserved for GM either, since Honda partnered with the American automaker in order to use it for its upcoming Prologue electric SUV and a related Acura model. This partnership will likely be abandoned once Honda has developed its own EV technologies.


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