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NewsGeneral Motors Postpones Orion Assembly's Electric Pickup Production Until 2025

General Motors Postpones Orion Assembly’s Electric Pickup Production Until 2025

Strategic Move Focuses on Aligning with EV Demand, Engineering Upgrades, and Workforce Reassignment

  • General Motors postpones electric pickup production at Detroit’s Orion Assembly to late 2025 for market and engineering alignment.

  • About 1,000 employees at Orion Assembly have the option to transfer to other Michigan-based GM plants, including Factory Zero.

  • GM phases out current Bolt models, hints at Bolt revival with new Ultium battery technology, with more details pending.

In a strategic pivot announced by General Motors and reported by Automotive News, the automaker has revealed plans to delay the launch of electric pickup truck production at its Orion Assembly plant in Detroit until late 2025. The decision is aimed at aligning the company’s production capabilities with market demand for electric vehicles (EVs) and necessary capital investments. Notably, General Motors clarified that this postponement is not related to the ongoing UAW (United Auto Workers) labour strike.

Furthermore, the company has identified engineering improvements that will enhance the profitability of its forthcoming Chevrolet Silverado EV and GMC Sierra EV models. This development suggests General Motors is utilizing the additional time to refine its electric vehicle offerings, aligning them more closely with consumer expectations and market trends.

As for the workforce, about 1,000 employees stationed at Orion Assembly are being offered the opportunity to transfer to other General Motors assembly plants within Michigan. Factory Zero, another Detroit-based facility, is already in operation, focusing on the assembly of the Silverado EV and the GMC Hummer EV. This plant is expected to add a second shift in 2024, coinciding with the introduction of the Sierra EV.

The Orion Assembly plant is slated to undergo a comprehensive retooling process tailored for electric truck production—a venture that could result in nearly two years of inactivity. In tandem with these changes, GM plans to phase out its current Bolt EV and Bolt EUV models. Earlier this summer, CEO Mary Barra hinted at a revival of the Bolt nameplate, using the company’s proprietary Ultium battery technology, although the full scope of plans is still under wraps.


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