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NewsGenesis Brough Together All Three of its X Concepts in Dubai

Genesis Brough Together All Three of its X Concepts in Dubai

This is the first time all three models part of the X Concept Trilogy have been seen together.

  • The event called X Concept Trilogy showcased the X Concept, the X Speedium Coupe, and the X Convertible.

  • All three models show what’s in store for future Genesis electric vehicles, especially the X Convertible.

  • The brand wants to sell only EVs by 2030 and become carbon neutral in 2035.

Genesis held a VIP event at the Dubai opera where it showcased all three of its X Concepts together for the first time.

Called X Concept Trilogy, the viewing saw guests arriving in chauffeured Genesis models and included artistic performances in addition to speeches given by many of the brand’s executives.

The three X Concepts were the focus of the event despite having all been unveiled individually over the last two years.

Genesis X Concept | Photo: Genesis

These sleek and sporty models represent what could be coming from Genesis in the coming years as it works to become an EV-only brand by the end of the decade.

The first to be presented to the public was the X Concept, a large luxury coupe that made its debut in March 2021.

The second was the X Speedium Coupe, a slightly modified version that has a roofline that extends toward the rear before curving down to the taillamps, in the Shooting break fashion.

Genesis X Speedium Coupe Concept | Photo: Genesis

The last model from this trilogy is the X Convertible, a reworked version of the X Concept that goes without a fixed roof to offer a more emotional experience to the driver and passengers, according to Genesis.

All three models share the same design language and overall appearance, which is likely to be seen on future Genesis models that will launch in the coming years.

Distinctive characteristics of this style include a long and low hood, a cabin that extends over the rear wheels, and a short trunk lid.

Genesis X Convertible Concept | Photo: Genesis

The front lights are also unique since they are composed of two horizontal strips that start just ahead of the front doors, stop at the wheel arch, and then continue around the front of the car, where the lower of the two strips dips down in a “V” shape to create the outline of a front grille which isn’t present on these models.

Out of the three, the X Convertible stands the best chance of reaching production without major changes since the company has confirmed it will be making a luxury convertible.


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