Friday, September 22, 2023
News Genesis Could Have Leaked an Upcoming GV80 Fastback and the GV90

Genesis Could Have Leaked an Upcoming GV80 Fastback and the GV90

Genesis teased two upcoming models and a concept by including them in the background of a video

  • A design video showed car models in the background

  • One of these models appears to be a GV80 with a lower roofline and another looks to be a bigger SUV

  • A Shooting break version of the Concept X was also present on the shelf

Genesis recently released a video that shows the work of its design team by filming its most preeminent designers working in a studio.

This is fairly common in the car industry, however, what was very interesting is the shelf behind the designers, as it contains models of Genesis’ vehicles, including some that have never been seen before.

Genesis is usually a very private company when it comes to its upcoming models, with very few teasers released prior to the official release date of the model, which makes this even more important.

Indeed, one of the models that can be seen on the shelf is a fastback version of the GV80, a model that had been rumoured but not confirmed by the brand. This model can bee seen on the middle of the right-most column, just in front of the regular GV80.

This model adopts a sleeker roofline that dips down lower than the regular model, in a fashion that is becoming more and more popular in the luxury SUV segment with Audi, Mercedes and BMW all offering coupe-like versions of many of their SUVs.

This model will probably be more exclusive than the GV80 and it is expected to carry a larger price tag when it arrives on the market, which could be quite soon, as the model looks production ready.

The other model that was teased is the GV90, which will be an even larger SUV that is rumored to be built on the same platform as the upcoming Hyundai Ioniq 7 and the Kia EV9, two electric SUVs.

This means the GV90 will most likely be equipped with an electric drivetrain, although versions with internal combustion engines have been heard about, so both might be offered.

From what can be seen on the bottom left corner of the shelf, the GV90 will have a boxier styling than the GV80, which is in line with the Ioniq 7.

Another model was a shooting break version of the Concept X, although this vehicle is unlikely to ever reach production.

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