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NewsGenesis G70 Sport Sedan Axed in Favour of Larger, More Spacious EVs

Genesis G70 Sport Sedan Axed in Favour of Larger, More Spacious EVs

Understanding the strategic shift behind Genesis's decision to cancel the G70 and its implications for the luxury car market.

  • Genesis cancels the G70 to focus on larger, more spacious electric vehicles.

  • Market trends show declining demand for entry-level luxury sedans in favor of SUVs.

  • Genesis’s strategic pivot aligns with broader industry shifts towards SUVs and electric vehicles.

Genesis, Hyundai’s luxury brand, is going in the same direction as most other automakers: Killing cars. With the focus being on the anticipated all-electric the GV90 SUV, another car bites the dust:  the brilliant and under-appreciated Genesis G70 is dead. This decision, like most of their kind, comes as part of a broader strategy to align with future market trends and demands.

Overview of Genesis’s All-Electric Line-up

Genesis is focused on remaining strong in the electric vehicle (EV) market. Central to this expansion is the next-generation EV platform, known as ‘eM.’ Production volume guestimates indicate significant investments in four key models: the GV90, GV80, GV70, and G80. The Hyundai Motor Group is aiming big with ambitious production and sales goals for these premium Genesis models from December 2025 through 2033. However, notably absent from these plans are the G70 and GV60, raising questions about their future within the brand.

Bye Genesis G70

Initially, there were plans for a G70 successor, codenamed RN2. However, Genesis has decided to cancel this project according to the Korean Car Blog. The reasons behind this decision include an overlap with the G80 and, well, no one wants sedans anymore. Immediately after its launch in 2017, the G70 enjoyed success but it did not last despite upgrades and updates, much like the wonderful Kia Stinger.

We’ve always loved the G70 sedan, really liked the GV60 for that matter, and we’re sad to see another car go. One thing, if we may, that we’ like to add about the G70: We think it’ll become a future classic, especially the ultra-rare RWD 6-speed manual versions offered early on in Canada. Think of it as a collector’s future premium Hyundai Stellar…

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