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News Genesis G80 EV Chosen to be the Official Car of the 2022...

Genesis G80 EV Chosen to be the Official Car of the 2022 G20 Bali Summit

The G20 Committee chose the Genesis Electrified G80 as its official car for 2022

  • The Genesis G80 EV will be released as a 2023 model

  • The car has been chosen to transport world leader at the G20 summit

  • This will help solidify the brand as a major player in the luxury field

The Genesis Electrified G80, the upcoming electric version of Genesis’ midsize sedan, was chosen to be the official car of the 2022 G20 summit that will be held in Bali, Indonesia.

The G20 is an event where the leaders of the 20 most influential countries in the world meet to discuss global topics and create agreements.

Since the Genesis G80 EV will be the official car of the G20, it will transport all of the world leaders for the duration of the event.

This will give a lot of publicity to Genesis who still needs to affirm its place in the luxury car market next to more established rivals.

Interestingly, the company didn’t choose to send its flagship G90 luxury sedan for consideration by the G20 committee, probably because an electric version of doesn’t exist yet.

Genesis G80 Electric
Genesis G80 Electric | Photo: Genesis

The Electrified G80 should be introduced as a 2023 model, so detailed technical information isn’t known yet, but the car will look almost identical to its gasoline powered relatives apart from a more aerodynamic grille design and a different wheel, also engineered to reduce drag.

This approach will appeal to buyers who want an electric car but still enjoy a more traditional style since many new electric cars adopt an appearance that is decidedly futuristic.

Genesis has revealed that all-wheel drive will be standard, which means the car will be equipped with two electric motors.

The range targeted by the company is 265 miles (427 kilometers).

Apart from the Electrified G80, Genesis has also announced the GV60 compact electric SUV as a part of its move towards electrification.

This SUV will be its first model designed from the ground up to be an EV, but the electric G80 should beat it to market.

Genesis G80 Electric
Genesis G80 Electric | Photo: Genesis

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