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News Genesis GV60 Unveiled as the Brand’s First EV

Genesis GV60 Unveiled as the Brand’s First EV

This new crossover should be quite athletic, says Genesis.

  • The Genesis GV60 is based on Hyundai Motor’s E-GMP platform.

  • The Korean market should be the first to receive the new electric crossover.

  • The GV60 is the brand’s third crossover vehicle, alongside the new GV70 and GV80.

The first-ever fully electric vehicle for the Korean luxury brand has just been unveiled, and it’s called the Genesis GV60. Although it hasn’t been officially confirmed, this new crossover is rumoured to hit North American dealerships before the end of 2021, but realistically, it might arrive sometime in 2022.

Genesis GV60 | Photo: Genesis

The GV60 is built on Hyundai Motor’s Electric-Global Modular Platform, also known as E-GMP, and boasts an exterior design inspired by the brand’s “Athletic Elegance” language. According to Genesis, a lower number in its nameplates indicates athleticism, while a higher number designates more elegance, so the GV60 should normally offer a higher level of performance and/or better handling than the already athletic and elegant Genesis GV70. There are no direct competitors just yet, although the closest rivals we can think of right now are the Tesla Model Y and the Audi Q4 e-tron.

Genesis GV60 | Photo: Genesis

The prominent grille on other Genesis products isn’t part of the GV60’s front-end design, adopting widemouth lower air intake instead. The twin-blade headlight clusters and taillights remain, while the round posterior and severely sloping roofline are reminiscent of the GV70 as well. It looks small in pictures, but the vehicle’s wheelbase should be pretty long, assuming it’s similar to that of the upcoming Hyundai IONIQ 5 and the Kia EV6, which are also based on E-GMP.

Genesis GV60 | Photo: Genesis

The Genesis GV60 also features digital side mirrors connected to a camera system, which will likely not be included in the production version due to North American regulations. On the other hand, the electric pop-up door handles should be retained.

“Beauty of White Space” is the design ethos for the interior, which presents an uncluttered yet luxurious layout, with horizontally stretched-out shapes, a tasteful amount of brightwork and a large flat display housing both the driver instrument panel and the infotainment touchscreen. On the centre console, the transmission dial called Crystal Sphere is considered “one of the most compelling design elements” in the cockpit, which doubles as mood lighting when the GV60 is turned off. We can also see buttons for the usual comfort and convenience features found in luxury cars, such as heated and ventilated seats, a heated steering wheel and a surround camera system, along with wireless phone charging.

Genesis GV60 | Photo: Genesis

No word yet on the Genesis GV60’s powertrain, but to give us an idea, the most potent Kia EV6 is equipped with an electric motor setup that creates an all-wheel drivetrain and produces up to 576 horsepower. We don’t see why this new Genesis EV couldn’t get a similar powertrain, and on the steering wheel, there’s a Boost button, hinting at a temporary blast of power for passing slower-moving traffic.

As usual with Genesis, Hyundai and Kia unveilings, these images and details concern the Korean-market version of the Genesis GV60, the first country where the fully electric crossover will go on sale. Details of the North American version will follow at a later date.

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