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NewsGenesis Launches 2025 GV80 Coupe, Updated SUV

Genesis Launches 2025 GV80 Coupe, Updated SUV

Genesis has that visible touch

  • GV80 gets sleek-roof variant

  • All GV80s get updated cabin with 27-inch screen

Genesis is updating the GV80 crossover for 2025, and it is bringing along the new Coupe variant to help complete the lineup.

The 2025 Genesis GV80 in SUV form gets a new grilled and new headlights. The thin-line lamps are more in keeping with the rest of the Genesis line, and they use Micro Lens Array tech to provide enough light in the small size.

2025 Genesis GV80 | Photo: Charles Jolicoeur

Genesis is also updating the model with bigger new air intakes and a new faux skid plate design.

But it’s the Coupe that’s really new. Genesis has chopped the rear of the GV80 to create a seriously good-looking new model, and it is pretty close to the race car concept Genesis showed last year. The coupe has its own grille, its own 22-inch wheels, and goes for trim that emphasizes sportiness instead of the SUV’s off-road airs.

The all-new cabin gets a 27-inch wide OLED display that holds the dash and infotainment screens. It’s seamless into the center stack and the HVAC controls, and Genesis has added a crystal-like new shift lever.

2025 Genesis GV80 | Photo: Charles Jolicoeur

Inside the Coupe, Genesis has gone with a flat-bottom steering wheel and metal accents that are, once again, meant to make it feel more sporty. The coupe gets unique patterns and stitching for the seats and cabin too.

The 2025 GV80 SUV will be offered with a 2.5L turbo making 300 hp and a 3.5L twin-turbo V6 putting out 375 horses. The Coupe will be sold only with a version of that V6 that adds a 48V electric supercharger for 409 hp and 405 lb-ft of torque.

Expect more details, including pricing for the reworked GV80, sometime early next year.


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