Tuesday, December 6, 2022
News Genesis Partners with Shell to Offer More Convenient EV Charging in Europe

Genesis Partners with Shell to Offer More Convenient EV Charging in Europe

Genesis and Shell will work together to make charging EVs more convenient in Europe.

  • The Genesis charge program will allow drivers of the brand’s vehicles to have a single bill for all of their charging sessions

  • A deal with Ionity also allows for cheaper rates on the 350-kWh fast-charging network

  • The automaker is working on a plug and charge feature

Genesis has announced a partnership with Shell Energy Solutions in order to offer its European customers a more convenient charging experience.

Shell is one of the leading providers of EV charging stations in Europe, with more than 300,000 chargers across 35 countries. Most of these stations are powered by renewable energy in order to reduce the network’s environmental impact.

The program, called Genesis Charging, allows drivers of the company’s EVs to pull up to any Shell charging station across Europe and use a single app to connect to the charger. This eliminates the need to have multiple apps for a number of different networks and it makes planning cross-country trips easier.

This app will also let users see the charging rates for each surrounding station and it will use the phone’s GPS system to navigate drivers to the charge point of their choosing.

Genesis G80 EV at a Shell Charging Station | Photo: Genesis
Genesis G80 EV at a Shell Charging Station | Photo: Genesis

In addition to the app, a simple billing solution is also included. This means that all of the charging sessions needed in a set period will be billed together to create one payment instead of having to pay individually at every charge point.

In order to avoid problems with the charging stations, a 24-hour customer service team is available to help drivers faced with a defective station or another issue with the Shell network.

Of course, drivers will not be locked-in to the Shell network and the deal even includes a five-year subscription to the Ionity network of 350 kW fast chargers which will give owners of the new Genesis GV60 and the upcoming G80 EV and GV70 EV access to preferential rates.

According to the automaker, a plug and charge solution is in the works, which would allow drivers to simply plug in the charger and go about their business, without having to use the app to connect to the charge point and authorize the payment.

This partnership is limited to Europe for now, but since Genesis is getting ready to introduce more and more electric models around the world, we might see it expand to other continents in the next few years.

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