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NewsGenesis Performance Coupe Could Use Lucid Motors: Report

Genesis Performance Coupe Could Use Lucid Motors: Report

Lucid power in Genesis design?

  • Hyundai Group and Lucid said to be in talks

  • Lucid Motors offers power-dense electric systems

A new report from South Korea says that the Hyundai Group is signing a deal with Lucid to get the latter’s electric motors. According to the report, the high-performance Lucid electric motors would be used in an upcoming Genesis sports car.

Sisa Journal got the information from what it called an industry insider. “President Jang sent a photo taken with Luc Donckerwolke, Hyundai Motors’ Chief Creative Officer (CCO), and Lucid officials, and reported details of the business trip to Hyundai Motor Group Chairman Chung Eui-sun. It was an opportunity to discuss related cooperation,” said the source.

Upstart EV automaker Lucid offers its Air sedan with up to 1,234 hp from the three-motor Sapphire version. Its single-motor RWD model makes 430 hp, and its motors are exceptionally power-dense. Aston Martin has already penned a deal to use the company’s motors in its own cars. Hyundai Group’s most powerful current EV is the Ioniq 5 N, which makes up to 641 hp from a 269 hp front motor and 378 hp rear.

The report says that while Lucid’s electric motors are expected to bemore costly than internally designed ones, they are ready today. For Genesis to build its own could take at least four years. That might not make sense for the brand, especially for a car anticipated to be built in small quantities.



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