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News Genesis reveals a fun GV70 Snow concept

Genesis reveals a fun GV70 Snow concept

  • A production version is clearly not planned.

  • Will Genesis invest in the adventure segment?


Since its entry into the compact luxury SUV segment, the Genesis GV70 has been making waves for all the right reasons. At first glance, the vehicle’s design has something to do with it, but the public’s infatuation with this popular format goes further, thanks to the initial quality of the product, but also to the choice, as the GV70 is available in three versions, one of which is electric.

However, the Korean manufacturer has no alternative for lovers of the great outdoors. Well, that certainly doesn’t prevent an SUV like the GV70 from being able to drive on gravel roads, but for rougher routes, the crossover is limited.

Genesis GV70 Snow concept | Photo : Genesis Europe

That’s where the GV70 Snow concept can step in and beat the odds. Designed and developed by the automaker’s European wing, the Genesis GV70 Snow looks better equipped to withstand the next snowstorm. Whether the vehicle can cope with extreme conditions such as those that have been affecting residents of the Maritimes over the past few days remains to be seen.

The concept was conceived for promotional purposes at the White Turf event in St Moritz, Switzerland, where Genesis teamed up with the German company Delta 4×4, renowned for its expertise in off-road driving, to produce this more muscular version of the GV70.

“At Genesis, our philosophy is to make our customers feel like honored guests in our home – an approach to hospitality we call “son-nim”. We are delighted to be able to offer Genesis hospitality in conjunction with exciting experiences such as horse racing and the unveiling of the GV70 Snow at such a prestigious event as White Turf here in St. Moritz,” said Graeme Russell, Brand Director.

The GV70 Snow is distinguished by the presence of these Baja Design LED fog lamps, seconded by these two light bars over the windshield. The roof is fitted with this support, which even comes with a pair of custom-made Anayon skis. On the sidewalls, the special 18-inch rims are wrapped in BFGoodrich K02 all-terrain tires. And as these new treads are wider, the wheel arches have been widened for the occasion.

The chances of seeing a more rugged variant of the GV70 are nil, but it’s interesting to see that the brand’s strategists are always looking to explore new ideas. Incidentally, this isn’t the first time a GV70 has been modified for this kind of use.

Genesis GV70 Snow concept | Photo : Genesis Europe


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