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NewsGerman Off-Road Shop Builds Lifted Tesla Model Y

German Off-Road Shop Builds Lifted Tesla Model Y

Model Y gets dirty

  • Model Y gets taller, beefier, more capable

  • Is this the first Tesla SUV?

The off-roaders at Delta 4×4 have just made one hell of a Tesla. It’s a Model Y with a lift kit, wider fenders, and the ability to go places Tesla drivers would have only dreamed of before now.

Delta’s prior efforts include a Mercedes G-Class on tracks as well as off-road versions of the X-Class pickup, the Ford Ranger, and the Mercedes Sprinter van. This one, though, will sneak up on you.

It starts with the new suspension system that lifts the Y by 35 mm. Wearing aggressive Continental ATR tires on 20-inch wheels that are pushed out into the new flared fenders the Delta 4×4 Model Y has 22 cm of ground clearance. With a perfectly flat floor, Delta says it has “Lada Niva levels” of clearance.

The wider arches and flared fenders (along with those tires) make the Model Y 6 cm wider than stock.

How about that roof rack? Forget a rating in kilos, this one is quoted as being able to transport an elk or a wild boar. It will also hold more conventional things like sand traction plates, shovels, water, and a roof tent.

PIAA LED front lighting gives you illumination on the trail. Four of the race-ready lights should offer plenty of visibility without taxing the battery like traditional lights would.

The Tesla Model Y lift kit is only 900 euros, which is around the same in greenbacks or $1,300 Canadian. The wheel and tire combo is a bit pricier at 4,500 euros, or around $6,500. No word on what it does to the range, but we can see what the kit lets the Model Y do in the snow, and we’ll bet you don’t care about the range when you’re having that much fun.



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