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NewsGM and Honda Want More Affordable EVs

GM and Honda Want More Affordable EVs

General Motors and Honda will expand their partnership in order to lower the costs of electric vehicles.

The partnership between GM and Honda just took a turn for the better for consumers who can’t necessarily aspire to electric propulsion because of the rather high costs. The two players have just confirmed a line of more affordable electric vehicles, starting in 2027. The new model series will be marketed on the North American continent at that time.

Honda and GM want to accelerate production – and the adoption of the technology in the process – to propel EV production to a much higher level, into the millions produced globally.

Unsurprisingly, the partners are targeting the compact crossover segment, the best-selling category on the planet with more than 13 million vehicles assembled each year. GM and Honda want to work together to standardize technology, design and component sourcing, all to minimize costs and make the product more affordable.

There is also talk of sharing technology for future battery technology to lower costs, but also to improve the performance and durability of future vehicles.

General Motors is already working on new technologies such as lithium metal, silicon and solid state batteries. Honda is also engaged in the development of a solid-state battery, the automaker that would move closer to mass production.

They said:

“Honda is committed to achieving its global carbon neutrality goal by 2050, which requires lowering the cost of electric vehicles to enable as many customers as possible to own one. […] Honda and GM will build on our successful technology collaboration to help dramatically expand electric vehicle sales,” said Toshihiro Mibe, Honda president and CEO.

“Our collaboration with Honda and the ongoing development of the Ultium are the foundation for this project, using our global scale to enable a lower-cost foundation for this new EV series for millions of customers. […] Our plans include a new all-electric product for North America positioned at a lower price point than the upcoming Chevrolet Equinox EV, building on the two million units of EV capacity the company expects to install by the end of 2025,” said Doug Parks, GM executive vice president, global product development, purchasing and supply chain



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