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NewsGM is Testing a Tesla Model S Plaid

GM is Testing a Tesla Model S Plaid

General Motors is benchmarking its future EVs against the Tesla Model S Plaid.

GM Authority recently discovered that the American giant currently has a Tesla Model S Plaid in its stable of competing models. No doubt the presence of the 1,000-plus horsepower sedan serves as a benchmark for other future electric products from General Motors.

It’s a common practice to compare the prowess of competing models to better craft one’s own cars. And with the American automaker announcing an electric shift to no less than 30 new electric models by the 2025 model year, GM had better pick up the pace.

Of course, to achieve its goals, GM will have to offer a very complete lineup with several affordable options for the masses, but it must not forget the slightly more prestigious segment that always wants more performance on board its vehicles.

Tesla Model S Plaid | Photo: Screenshot Tesla website

Remember that the Tesla Model S Plaid is the fastest car of the Californian manufacturer, the sedan that relies on three electric motors to reach the 1,020 horsepower mark with an acceleration time from 0 to 60 miles per hour achieved under the two-second mark (not taking into account the roll of the vehicle). What’s more, the theoretical range of one of the fastest production cars in history hovers around 348 miles (560 kilometers), a more than appreciable distance when you take a look at the regular Model S capable of driving 375 miles (604 kilometers) between charges.

And since Tesla is positioning itself as a luxury automaker – in the eyes of some, at least – it’s fair to wonder if the presence of the Model S Plaid around GM means that the automaker is preparing for the arrival of a Cadillac vehicle. Is the upcoming Celestiq electric sedan part of the test with the Model S Plaid? It’s very likely, although for now, it’s too early to confirm.

Let’s just hope that the assembly standards will be higher than those of Tesla, the automaker that has been criticized for the same thing for years.


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