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NewsGM is Working on a new EV Coupe

GM is Working on a new EV Coupe

  • An EV coupe is expected in the near future at GM.

  • This future EV Coupe will use the Ultium platform.

  • Is GM already working on the return of a new EV Camaro, unless it is for the EV Corvette?


What exactly is General Motors referring to in its latest clip on the web? In a posting on its YouTube channel, the American giant talks about the new V2H (“Vehicle To Home”) charging function, but also slips in this information that proves interesting for sports car enthusiasts… in theory!

In fact, in a short list in which the automaker explains which type of vehicle this home charging application will be available, GM also slips in the word “Coupe”, meaning that a future electric vehicle with a fastback roof is on the menu for the next few years.

Of course, this doesn’t necessarily mean that an electric-powered Corvette or Camaro is ready for its first road tests, but consumers who like their vehicles with a more aerodynamic silhouette can at least start dreaming of a return of one of these sports cars of yesteryear to the electric era.

It’s possible that the coupe(s) comes back in the shape of an SUV coupe, or even a five-door sedan. After all, some of today’s fastest electric cars include models like the Lucid Air, the Porsche Taycan and, not surprisingly, the Tesla Model S Plaid.

What’s more, the fact that this coupe offensive is based on the Ultium platform doesn’t necessarily guarantee a return to a grounded format like the current Camaro or the more exotic Corvette.

This should further confuse enthusiasts of the bowtie’s two best-known performance models. Mind you, it’s not out of the question for GM to bring back another name from its glorious history. Are there any Cavalier Z24 enthusiasts in the room unless you’re more of a Chevelle or Nova SS type?

What seems to be confirmed now is that GM is preparing a coupe-shaped vehicle for its electric future.


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