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GM to Add up to 40,000 EV Chargers Across North America with its Dealers and FLO

General Motors will work with FLO to deliver up to 10 level 2 chargers to all of its dealers in North America.

  • The automaker wants to promote electric vehicles in more rural areas that are currently underserved.

  • Dealerships will receive up to 10 level 2 chargers to install in public places around their community.

  • Quebec-based FLO has been chosen to supply the charging units.

General Motors wants to nearly double the number of level 2 charging stations in the United States and Canada with the help of its dealerships and FLO.

The automaker launched a program that will see participating dealers receive up to 10 chargers to be installed in public areas all around their communities.

The goal of this program is to encourage the ownership of electric vehicles mainly in rural areas and smaller towns that are currently underserved by public charging networks.

According to GM, 90% of the U.S. population lives within 10 miles of one of its 4,000 dealers in North America, making them an important player in their local communities.

Unlike Ford, however, GM doesn’t require the chargers to be installed on the dealer’s premises, preferring them to be situated in more convenient locations across the community.

This is why the automaker will supply the chargers to dealers and then put them in contact with installation professionals that will set them up where the dealer chooses.

Flo fast chargers to be installed through CIB investment. (CNW Group/Canada Infrastructure Bank)

As of now, installations have already taken place in a number of U.S. States and every EV driver living around the participating GM dealers can benefit from charging at places such as grocery stores, libraries, schools, and small businesses.

To supply the up to 40,000 EV chargers that could be required by the program, General Motors choose Quebec-based FLO and its 19.2 kWh level 2 charger.

The charging specialist will manufacture most of the chargers at its newly-opened factory in Auburn Hills, Michigan, with its main plant in Shawinigan, Quebec picking up the excess demand.

This is not the only good news for FLO since the company was also recently chosen by the Canada Infrastructure Bank to receive its first investment in an EV charging network.

This means that FLO will receive $220 million in loan commitment to add 2,000 fast chargers in 400 stations across Canada alone, nearly double the current number.

Unlike the GM partnership, this project will focus on more popular transit corridors between cities of at least 20,000 inhabitants using FLO’s new 320 kW Ultra DC fast charger.

Source: Automotive News and Canada Infrastructure Bank


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