Friday, June 25, 2021
News GM To Show PHEV Pickup at CES: Report

GM To Show PHEV Pickup at CES: Report

More electric for GM at electronic expo

  • Plug-in Chevrolet rumoured for digital show

  • CEO Barra to speak about electrification at tech expo

We’re still waiting for the automaker’s full EV pickup to hit the market, but it looks like General Motors is getting ready to show off PHEV versions of its trucks early next month during the overhauled Consumer Electronics Show digital event.

CEO Mary Barra is set to give the keynote address for the digital exposition on January 12th, and according to a report from Bloomberg, is planning to explain how electrification is necessary to address environmental and social change as well as GM’s role in these changes.

On top of the address, the report said, GM will have a video showing off concept vehicles that will include a plug-in Chevrolet pickup as well as some plug-in Cadillac models and other GM brands. Company president Mark Reuss will talk about EV strategy.

It’s not specified which Chevrolet truck, but the Silverado seems the most likely candidate. The ageing and smaller-volume Colorado would be an odd one to electrify first. A new marque is also possible, but again unlikely. Ford’s F-150 hybrid is hitting dealers now and offers some seriously work-friendly features in addition to the gas mileage, like offering up massive amounts of worksite electric power capacity.

Bloomberg says that GM is using this messaging blitz to show that the company is ready to take on the likes of Tesla, and is the end of a year-long series of announcements, including the Hummer EV and Cadillac Lyriq, meant to show that GM is embracing the electric vehicle.



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