Tuesday, February 7, 2023
News GM will Invest $918 Million to Produce new V8 Engines and EV...

GM will Invest $918 Million to Produce new V8 Engines and EV Components

General Motors announced a large investment package for the production of V8 engines and EV components.

  • This investment will be split between four manufacturing facilities in Michigan, Ohio, and New York.

  • $854 million will be used to prepare for the production of the next-generation small-block V8.

  • The other $64 million will serve to produce EV components.

General Motors has just announced a new investment of $918 million for the production of its next-generation small-block V8 engines and EV components in the United States.

This investment will be divided between four manufacturing operations in three states, bringing GM’s total investment in US manufacturing up to $37 billion over the last ten years.

Despite the company’s push towards electrification, gasoline-powered pickups and SUVs are still its best-selling products, which is why $854 million out of this investment will be allocated to the production of the upcoming sixth-generation of the small-block V8 engine which was initially introduced in 1955.

No details have been revealed about this new engine yet, but it is likely to be more powerful and more efficient than the current 5.3L version.

These engines will be assembled at the Flint Engine Operations facility, which will receive $579 million in order to prepare for the assembly as well as block, head, and crank machining. Despite the modernization efforts starting immediately, the factory will continue to produce GM’s 3.0L diesel engine.

As usual, many parts used in the new engines will be made off-site, in other GM facilities. Notably, the camshafts and connecting rods, as well as some block and head machining work will be done at the Bay City GPS plant, which will receive $216 million.

GM Flint Engine Operations | Photo: General Motors

Block castings will come from Defiance Operations in Ohio after a $47 million investment, and fuel rails, as well as intake manifolds, will be made in Rochester Operations in New York following an injection of $12 million.

Since electric vehicles are a key part of the automaker’s plans for the future, the other $64 million from the total investment package will be dedicated to the production of EV components at Defiance Operations and Rochester Operations.

The first facility will receive $8 million to develop castings used by parts made for electric vehicles while the second will see $56 million for the production of cooling lines to be used in large battery packs.

General Motors says all of these investments will help it continue to improve its gasoline-powered vehicles while it transitions to electrifying its entire lineup over the next ten years or so.

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