Friday, July 1, 2022
News GM Won't Build or Fix Bolt EVs Until Confident LG Chem Building...

GM Won’t Build or Fix Bolt EVs Until Confident LG Chem Building Defect-Free Batteries: Report

GM not confident in battery supplier

  • GM still not confident that LG Chem has solved the issue affecting Bolt and Bolt EUV

  • Engineers working around the clock to identify and solve issue

General Motors is keeping the plant that makes the Bolt EV and Bolt EUV idled and won’t start repairing the more than 140,000 recalled Chevrolet Bolt vehicles until it has confidence in its EV supplier. According to a new report, it doesn’t have that confidence now.

According to the Detroit Free Press, GM is waiting “until it is confident its supplier can make a defect-free EV battery that does not pose a potential fire risk.” For now, it’s not sure LG Chem can do that, says the report.

Both GM and LG Chem have “hundreds of people” working on the problem, around the clock and seven days a week, working to find the cause of the defective battery modules, GM spokesperson Dan Flores told the Free Press. “If we took the battery stock that’s in the field right now or at a warehouse, we’re not confident that it is defect-free,” Flores said. “Because we are not confident that LG has the capability to build defect-free products, we’ve put the repairs on hold and we are not building new Bolts. We’re not going to start recall repairs or start building new Bolts until we’re confident LG will build defect-free products.”

The Bolt packs are built at LG Energy Solution Michigan, not far from the GM plant that makes the Chevrolet EVs. Engineers from both companies are studying the manufacturing process, tearing down battery packs, and monitoring how LG packs the cells into modules. All to try and find the source of the defects.

“It’s in everybody’s best interest if we speed the repairs along as best as we can,” Flores said. “Both LG and GM understand the significance in what we’re doing here and we’re committed to doing the right thing for our customers.” GM and LG know that the defects are a torn anode tab and a folded separator in the modules, reported the Free Press. They do not yet know how many of the pacts have the defect or what is causing it.



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