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NewsGMC and EarthCruiser are teaming up on a new overlanding concept

GMC and EarthCruiser are teaming up on a new overlanding concept

  • The concept will be revealed by the end of the summer.

  • Solar panels should power some electrical components in the living space.

  • More concepts like this one are in the works.


GMC has been attracting a lot of attention since it introduced its pair of Hummer-branded electric vehicles, and even more so since the unveiling of the Sierra EV pickup.

Although closely related, these three vehicles give GMC a lineup of three trucks capable of venturing off the beaten path and doing so without emitting emissions into the atmosphere. In a few months, consumers will be able to get behind the wheel of one of these three full-size models.

And GMC is aware of the potential of its three new electric trucks when it comes to exploring remote territories. That’s certainly why they’re partnering with EarthCruiser, a company that specializes in all kinds of solutions for consumers who want to take their vehicles off the grid.

At this time, GMC and EarthCruiser have only provided this darkened photo that shows a Hummer EV pickup with a removable cab mounted in the truck’s box. Solar panels can also be seen on the roof to power some of the devices in the living space.

Unfortunately, we’ll have to be patient, as GMC and EarthCruiser plan to unveil this new concept late this summer.

“EarthCruiser designs its vehicles to thrive in the most extreme and challenging environments imaginable. […] From the Australian outback to the Alaskan wilderness and everywhere in between, an EarthCruiser was designed to tackle challenging terrain. As we look to the future of overlanding, we continue to focus on key technologies such as electrification that will help us explore for decades to come. Electrification offers exciting opportunities for rural use, such as precise torque control in the field and ease of use, in addition to no exhaust emissions. We are excited to work with GM’s top-notch engineering team and look to develop an off-road vehicle that is truly made for, and will define, the future of this industry,” said Lance Gillies, CEO and founder of EarthCruiser.

Let’s bet that other companies are already planning accommodation solutions designed for outdoor enthusiasts with all these new EV pickup trucks coming soon on the market.

See you in late summer 2023 for more details on this GMC concept in collaboration with EarthCruiser. The story doesn’t say if the cab will affect the truck’s range, but in theory, this addition will affect the aerodynamics of the pickup and the already heavy weight of the GMC model.


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