Monday, December 6, 2021
News GMC Hummer EV : The Accessories Catalog will List Close to 200...

GMC Hummer EV : The Accessories Catalog will List Close to 200 Items

Customer will be able to personalise their Hummer to a new level

  • GMC will present the accessories list during the SEMA Show

  • Close to 200 accessories will be available to personalise the vehicle

  • The majority of accessories will be focused on off-road driving

The GMC Hummer EV is one of the most anticipated vehicles to hit the market soon.

GMC will take advantage of the SEMA show in Las Vegas to unveil the range of accessories available for the Hummer EV.

Since the Hummer EV is designed to make a big impact, the company will be offering a host of accessories that will allow owners to customize their vehicle. More specifically, nearly 200 items will be available.

Most of these accessories are designed to enhance the vehicle’s off-road capabilities, which are already impressive when it leaves the factory.

For example, an off-road recovery kit is available, as well as an array of auxiliary lights that can be installed on the roof of the Hummer EV. Additional protective plates to protect the mechanics and the body can also be purchased.

Other items are more practical or aesthetic, like the retractable panel that covers the body or the multiple wheels that are offered.

Since all the accessories in this catalog were designed from the beginning of the Hummer EV’s conception, they will easily fit into the vehicle without causing any problems and their style will be adapted to its appearance.

Also, like Jeep, GMC provides auxiliary switches designed to help integrate the controls needed to operate the accessories within the vehicle.

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