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NewsGM’s Super Cruise will Now Cover Twice a Many Miles

GM’s Super Cruise will Now Cover Twice a Many Miles

Super Cruise will receive an update that will make it able to work on 400,000 miles of roads in North America.

  • Super Cruise will receive an over-the-air update that will enable it to work on 400,000 miles of roads in North America

  • Vehicles equipped with Google Maps can show Super Cruise-compatible roads

  • An enhanced version called Ultra Cruise should arrive in 2024

General Motors will proceed to an update of its Super Cruise system that will make it able to work on 400,000 miles of roads in the US and Canada, twice as many as it currently can.

This update will be available to every vehicle equipped with Super Cruise and the capacity to perform over-the-air updates.

In order to increase the safety and the effectiveness of its hands-free driver assistance system, General Motors chose a different path than Tesla, whose system is based on neural nets that get built as cars are driven on new roads.

Indeed, GM decided to have its system work only on roads it has already mapped with special vehicles equipped with a number of sensors. This currently limits the system to 200,000 miles of divided highways, which include the largest roadways in the United States and Canada.

With the new update, Super Cruise will be able to drive on certain undivided roads, which will double the area in miles it can cover without having the driver take back control.

Some of the more famous roads on which Super Cruise will now be available include Route 66, the Pacific Coast Highway, the US route 1, and certain parts of the Trans-Canada Highway which hadn’t already been mapped.

Drivers of vehicles equipped with Super Cruise and Google Maps will be able to see the increase in mapped roads since all roadways on which Super Cruise is available are highlighted when choosing a destination on the navigation system.

In addition to improving the current version, General Motors is working on an enhanced system called Ultra Cruise which will be introduced on the Cadillac Celestiq in 2024.

This system promises to work on 95% of US roads and it should be able to follow a route planned on the navigation system, obey traffic lights, perform turns and even park in a residential driveway, which will make it similar to Tesla’s FSD.


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