The Good Year Oxygene is one weird-looking tire


The tire you see below (or above, I can’t seem to remember at the moment) is the Good Year Oxygene which was unveiled this week at the Geneva Motor Show. It’s weird-looking but in the end it’s actually pretty cool. I can’t imagine we’ll see on the road anytime soon, but still, kudos to Good Year for trying to re-think something we have been taking for granted for decades now.

You really only think about your tires when you need to replace your current set or you drive over a nail. Aside from that, they tend to do what they are supposed to do which is keep you safe and comfortable. Good Year thinks they should do a lot more than that.

That’s why they designed Oxygene, a tire that can actually convert CO2 into oxygen as the name implies using an organic moss found inside the tire. According the Good Year, if every car in Paris had these tires, it would be like removing 4,000 to 4,500 cars from the road in one fell swoop.

The tire uses no rubber and doesn’t need air either. It can however use photosynthesis to power its sensors and side lighting which it uses to communicate to pedestrians and other cars what the tire is doing.

Well wattayaknow, Good Year has made tires cool again.

Images Good Year Oxygene


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