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NewsGoodyear Launches the ElectricDrive GT Tire

Goodyear Launches the ElectricDrive GT Tire

Goodyear launched its first tire designed exckusively for electric vehicles

The automotive industry is still in the early stages of this electric revolution. Although vehicles powered exclusively by renewable energy have been on the road for more than a decade, sales of electric vehicles are still marginal, even though the numbers are steadily increasing each month.

Tire manufacturer Goodyear is keeping a close eye on this escalation of electric vehicle sales, having just introduced its first tire developed entirely for electric vehicles. The tire in question, simply called ElectricDrive GT, is an ultra-high performance tire designed for all-season use with long-lasting treadwear and quiet driving.

The new tire features SoundComfort Technology, a sort of integrated sound barrier designed to reduce the noise generated by road friction. Goodyear also claims that its asymmetrical tread and specialized tread compound improve grip over the seasons.

For now, the new tire will be offered in one size, 255/45R19 104 W XL, a size that the manufacturer says is ideal for the Tesla Model Y. Of course, this new product will soon be joined by other sizes to better meet the needs of those drivers who have moved to the electric side of the automobile.

“Electric vehicles have a very specific set of requirements for load, torque, noise, range, rolling resistance and overall performance…We are proud to offer leading-edge technologies to meet the evolving electric vehicle landscape,” said David Reese, vice president of product development for Goodyear Americas.

Expect to see more tires specifically designed for the new electric reality in the coming months and years.


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