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NewsGordon Murray Automotive Announces 25 Race-Win-Themed T.50s at Goodwood Reveal

Gordon Murray Automotive Announces 25 Race-Win-Themed T.50s at Goodwood Reveal

25 special T.50 trackday cars coming

  • All 25 will celebrate one of the designer’s wins

  • T.50s makes debut on track at Goodwood

Gordon Murray Automotive is building 25 track-day special versions of the T.50. The chassis gets the name T.50s Niki Lauda, but each one of the cars will be themed for one of the legendary designer’s F1 race wins.

The 25 T.50s Niki Laudas have already been sold, naturally. Each of the cars will have a theme, starting with Murray’s first win as a race car designer at the 1974 South African GP at Kylami and running to the 1995 French GP at La Circuit de la Sarthe. GMA didn’t say what exactly each car would get to help keep to its theme, but expect paintwork and graphics.

GMA will debut the T.50s Niki Lauda at the Goodwood Members Meet this weekend. The event at the famed Goodwood circuit will celebrate the late Lauda’s racing career. The crowd will be able to watch the car run to its 12,100 rpm redline at the track.

Why Lauda for the car? The driver piloted Murray’s BT46B, the legendary ground effect fan car, to a win in its inaugural race at the 1978 Swedish Grand Prix. Yes, that win will be one of those commemorated by a T.50s.

Though it shares a name, GMA says the T.50s is a new car from the ground up compared with the T.50. It will weigh less than 900 kg, make 761 hp from its 3.9L V12, and scream beyond 12,000 rpm. It will have a rear-mount fan for downforce just like that Brabham and will make up to 1,200 kg of downforce.

GMA will also bring the mule for its next car, the T.33, to the event. The car is called James, and it will get a 3.9L V12 of its own.

The complete list of race wins is as follows:

1974 South Africa at Kyalami
1974 USA at Watkins Glen
1975 Brazil at Interlagos
1975 Germany at Nürburgring
1978 Sweden at Anderstorp
1980 Italy at Imola
1980 Netherlands at Zandvoort
1981 Argentina at Buenos Aires
1982 Monte Carlo at Monaco
1982 Canada at Montreal
1983 Brazil at Rio
1983 Italy at Monza
1983 UK at Brands Hatch
1984 USA at Detroit
1985 France at Paul Ricard
1988 Mexico at Mexico City
1988 UK at Silverstone
1988 Belgium at Spa
1988 Portugal at Estoril
1998 Spain at Jerez
1988 Japan at Suzuka
1988 Germany at Hockenheim
1988 Hungary at Hungaroring
1988 Australia at Adelaide
1995 France at La Sarthe



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