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NewsGordon Murray Automotive Unveils the T.33 Spyder, a $2.4 Million V12 Supercar

Gordon Murray Automotive Unveils the T.33 Spyder, a $2.4 Million V12 Supercar

The Gordon Murray T.33 Spyder is a $2.4 million convertible supercar with an 11,100 rpm redline.

  • This is a convertible version of the T.33 Coupe with Targa-style roof panels.

  • Under the mid-mounted hood is a V12 engine that revs up to 11,100 rpm.

  • This should be the last non-hybrid model produced by Gordon Murray Automotive.

Gordon Murray Automotive (GMA) has just unveiled the T.33 Spyder, a new version of the T.33 Coupe equipped with removable Targa-style roof panels.

Since this model was developed alongside the coupe, its design and engineering are not compromised by the lack of a roof, which only adds about 40 pounds to the Coupe’s incredibly light dry weight, for a total of 2,442.7 pounds.

To power this very light Supercar built on a specialized carbon fibre chassis, GMA chose the same 3.9L V-12 engine that is found in the coupe.

Gordon Murray T.33 Spyder | Photo: GMA

This engine, which delivers 608 horsepower and 333 lb-ft of torque, has the distinction of being the lightest road-going V12, with a weight of just 392 pounds. Another way in which it stands out is the very high redline that allows the driver to rev it up to 11,100 rpms, which is only 4,000 shy of an F1 engine.

Since the six-speed manual transmission has been so popular in the Coupe, GMA decided to make it the only choice for the Spyder, thus forgoing the automatic.

While the company hasn’t published acceleration times for either version of the T.33, their very lightweight and high-power output should make them more than quick enough to rival the other supercars in their class.

Gordon Murray T.33 Spyder | Photo: GMA

A reason why GMA doesn’t publish performance figures for its upcoming vehicles is that it wants to build cars that are enjoyable to drive, even if they might not be the fastest on the market.

This is exemplified by the T.33 being fitted with a specially engineered electrohydraulic power steering system that provides the feel of a traditional hydraulic setup while also benefitting from the efficiency and power gain of an electric system.

In addition, the tires are fairly common Michelin Pilot Sport 4S units that have been chosen specifically for their all-weather performance and availability in order to encourage owners to drive their T.33 more than they would another supercar.

Gordon Murray T.33 Spyder | Photo: GMA

To control the T.33 Spyder’s performance, 370-millimetre carbon ceramic rotors brake rotors are fitted with six-piston callipers up front, and 340-millimetre discs are grabbed by four-piston callipers at the rear.

Inside, the T.33 Spyder is about the same as the Coupe version with the exception of some areas that are painted to match the exterior with the goal of accentuating the open-air feeling.

Going back to the engineer’s intention to make the T.33 Spyder useable in day-to-day driving, the two roof panels can be neatly stored in the 115-litre front trunk, which is not something that can be said of many of this model’s competitors.

Gordon Murray T.33 Spyder | Photo: GMA

The T.33 Spyder even includes a wind deflector, Android Auto as well as Apple CarPlay, power windows, an automatic climate control system, and rain-sensing wipers.

Of course, when the roof is stored in the trunk, not much room is left for luggage, but the T.33 Spyder has a solution for that. Indeed, both rear fenders can pivot rearward to reveal an additional 90 litres of cargo capacity over the top of each wheel.

Of course, all of this comes at a price, and the Gordon Murray T.33 Spyder will cost £1.69 million when it arrives on the market. Since this supercar is intended to be sold in the United States, its price will be converted into USD at the time of purchase. As of now, this translates to about US $2.4 million.

Gordon Murray T.33 Spyder | Photo: GMA

Despite having already been unveiled in full, the T.33 Spyder will only enter production in the summer of 2025.

Nevertheless, those interested should hurry to get their order in since only 100 units will be available worldwide and the T.33 Coupe, which will only arrive in the fall of 2024, is already sold out.

Gordon Murray T.33 Spyder | Photo: GMA
Gordon Murray T.33 Spyder | Photo: GMA
Gordon Murray T.33 Spyder | Photo: GMA
Gordon Murray T.33 Spyder | Photo: GMA

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