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NewsGreenpeace Places Toyota Last Among Automakers in the EV Race

Greenpeace Places Toyota Last Among Automakers in the EV Race

It’s somewhat shocking to once more see Toyota in last place in this survey

  • This is the 2nd year in a row where it lands in the last position.

  • GM ranks in the first position.

Let’s make one thing very clear about this report: It’s not about overall fleet fuel efficiency. The Greenpeace findings are focused on three specific points including the phasing of internal combustion engines. As we know, Toyota remains heavily invested in hybrid technologies which, by default, involve an ICE.

Auto Environmental Guide 2022 | Photo: Greenpeace

The other two points on which the automakers are evaluated include supply chain decarbonisation and resource reduction and efficiency. When all three components are taken into account, General Motors leads the survey in the Auto Environmental Guide 2022 for its decarbonisation efforts, with electric vehicles (EVs) making up just under 8.2 percent of total sales.

Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen respectively take the next two steps on the podium for their efforts. Interestingly, just ahead of Toyota, in 10th position, are Honda and Nissan (9th and 8th) both of which have dropped three spots this year over the 2021 survey.

What hurt Toyota’s ranking is its sales, again, based on Greenpeace’s criteria. “In 2021, 499 out of every 500 vehicles that Toyota sold were powered by fossil fuels – a shockingly high rate,” said Ada Kong, Greenpeace East Asia project lead according to Aljazeera.

Despite these results, Toyota is heavily invested in EVs having outlined its plans last March.

Toyota Plans to Deliver 3.5 Million EVs Per Year by 2030






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