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News Hauling A Hot Tub From The Back Of A Porsche 968? Why...

Hauling A Hot Tub From The Back Of A Porsche 968? Why Not

When you got to haul a hot tub, you got to haul a hot tub

  • Porsche 968 driver was ticketed for careless driving after being caught hauling a hot tub on a makeshift trailer

  • That’s really all there is to say

The Porsche 968 can do a lot of things well, but moving a hot tub from place to place isn’t one of them. Still, one 968 owner in Woodstock, Ontario, wanted to give it a try and got a ticket for careless driving for his troubles.

***Unsafe load leads to charge of Careless Driving***Woodstock, ON – On Wednesday, June 17, 2020 at approximately 1:30…

Posted by Woodstock Police Service on Thursday, June 18, 2020

From the pictures, we can gather that this gentlemen put a lot of time and effort into thinking up this move. The “trailer” is legit, and there’s no one here that has the manual labor abilities to duplicate this complexe system.

On the other hand, the whole idea of towing anything out of a classic Porsche is preposterous, but towing a hot tub out of a 968 on some slabs of wood you custom fitted to the car is just plain stupid. The tub looks ripe to roll off that thing and into an unsuspecting Honda Odyssey driver at any moment.

19-Year Old Driving A Mercedes-AMG C 63 Clocked At 308 km/h In Ontario

If you can afford a Porsche 968 and a hot tub, chances are you can afford to rent a small moving van for a few hours. It would probably have cost less than the ticket.

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