Wednesday, October 4, 2023
News Helix has Developed a New Motor for an Electric Hypercar Project

Helix has Developed a New Motor for an Electric Hypercar Project

A future electric hypercar from a still undisclosed manufacturer will use a new type of motor from Helix.

  • The company manufactures motors and inverters for customers in the automotive, aerospace, industrial, and marine industries.

  • The new motor will be able to deliver a continuous output of 650 kW.

  • Details have yet to be revealed about the hypercar for which this motor has been developed.

Helix, a manufacturer of electric motors and inverters, has developed a more powerful motor that will be used in an upcoming hypercar.

While electric motors are capable of delivering impressively large amounts of power and torque, they can’t usually do so for very long at a time.

This is what Helix aimed to change with its new motor, which will reportedly be capable of generating 650 kW of power for extended lengths of time, with a peak output set somewhere around 700 kW.

In addition to being capable of sustaining high loads for a long time, this motor and its accompanying inverters only weigh 41 kilos (90 pounds). This is 1/7th of the weight of the hybrid powertrain used in the McLaren Artura, which makes about the same power output.

According to the manufacturer, this makes it ideal for use in an electric hypercar since its effect on the weight balance of the vehicle is negligible, thus allowing automakers to place it where they want.

On the other hand, the battery that will be needed to power this motor will inevitably be quite a lot heavier than the fuel tank in competing models.

Of course, concessions had to be made in order to reach both the continuous power and the weight goals, and Helix says it will only be able to produce this motor in small batches.

This should not be a problem for use in a hypercar, especially since the model for which it was designed will reportedly only use one motor per car.

Apart from this detail, we don’t know anything about this upcoming hypercar for the moment, not even who will make it.

A proposal for the production of the first batch of these motors is already underway, which means that more information about the car in which they will be installed might come in the next few months.

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