Friday, February 3, 2023
News Hemi V8 Dropped From 2023 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Hemi V8 Dropped From 2023 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Grand Cherokee now offers four or six-cylinder power

  • Hemi no longer on 2023 Grand Cherokee website

  • Buyers will need Grand Cherokee L for V8 power

The V8 Jeep Grand Cherokee is dead. Sort of. For now?

The 5.7L Hemi V8 disappeared from the build and price part of Jeep’s website for the Jeep Grand Cherokee earlier this week. The 357 hp engine was a $3,795 US option for two-row Grand Cherokees.

Jeep USA told Motor Authority that consumers and dealers aren’t able to order a V8 Grand Cherokee any longer, but that there are still some available through current dealer inventory if you really want one. There was no word on the possibility of the engine returning.

In Canada, a Jeep spokesperson told Driving that the 2023 Grand Cherokee V8 had been removed “in an effort to manage constraints.” We’ve heard before that Stellantis is having trouble building enough of its biggest engines to meet demand – why there is no supercharged 300 sedan – and this could be a part of that. Jeep Canada left open the possibility of the engine returning, saying that “we are not making any announcements on the end of V8.” Though with two new electric crossovers expected in 2024, we wouldn’t hold our breath.

If you simply must have a V8, you can still find one under the hood of the three-row Jeep Grand Cherokee L. That longer (and heavier) model will continue to offer the Hemi. For now, at least.

This will mostly impact buyers who want to tow with their Grand Cherokee. The V8 models could tow 7,200 lbs, half a ton more than the V6.

Buyers who want a two-row Grand can still get the 293 hp 3.6L Pentastar V6 or the 4xe plug-in hybrid that makes 375 hp and 470 lb-ft of torque.



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