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NewsHennessey to Build Fastest-to-200 MPH 6x6 Electric Hyper GT

Hennessey to Build Fastest-to-200 MPH 6×6 Electric Hyper GT

Hennessey usually boosts ICE cars and trucks – this is quite the departure for the American tuner

  • The car is called Project Deep Space.

  • It’ll cost about $3 million.

  • And yes, that’s 6-wheel drive via six electric motors.

We’ve covered many of Hennessey’s recent products over the last while. Without exception, all were heavily modified cars and trucks with big power gains and other related high-performance accessories. The internally known as Project Deep Space is very different and not so much at the same time.

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The hyper GT car will introduce a number of firsts at least when it comes to EVs. Like the Hennessey Mammoth, this car will feature 6WD but contrary to the TRX-sourced Mammoth, the GT will be powered by six electric motors. Although output numbers are unknown, Hennessey is aiming to make this car the fastest to 200 mph.

“Hennessey has spent more than 30 years building some of the fastest and most exciting vehicles in the world,” explains company CEO & founder, John Hennessey as reported by Carbuzz. “This mantra will continue for our next 30 years by introducing the world’s first fully electrified, six-wheel-drive hyper-GT. We believe that ‘Deep Space’, with six electric motors combined with six driven wheels, could be the world’s quickest accelerating four-seater from zero to 200 mph!”

Hennessey Project Deep Space | Photo: Hennessey

Based on the drawings, the GT will hold the driver in a central position with, much like the McLaren F1, two passengers in the second row. Unlike any other ever, a fourth occupant will sit in a centrally located position in the third row. Oversized gullwing doors will enable access to all three rows.

The mostly carbon-fiber car will cost an estimated $3 million each. Only 105 will be made and they will be assembled in Texas starting in 2026.


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