Thursday, July 7, 2022
News Here are the First Pictures of the DeLorean Alpha5

Here are the First Pictures of the DeLorean Alpha5

The pictures give a look at the upcoming electric performance car.

If Hollywood were ever tempted to release a sequel to the Back to the Future trilogy, it wouldn’t have to look far to find one of the stars of a potential feature film. Indeed, the DeLorean Motor Company has just released the first images of its new car, the DeLorean Alpha5, the car that was designed by the ItalDesign firm, just like the first one.

However, unlike the DMC-12 of the 80s, the new version relies on an electric powertrain, while its configuration now allows for four passengers on board, compared to two at the time. You’ll have already noticed that the Alpha5’s silhouette is significantly more aerodynamic than the angular DeLorean of the old days.

DeLorean Alpha5 | Photo: DeLorean

Still, there are a few hints that it belongs to the DeLorean family, with the Alpha5 coming with two butterfly doors, as well as a louvered rear window. The LED taillights are much slimmer than in 1981, but the three rows are still recognizable, while in the center, an illuminated D-E-L-O-R-E-A-N crest confirms the origin of this sporty electric car of the future.

The oversized rims look great with their multi-spoke design. Up front, the car’s snout is simpler with very slim headlights tucked under the upper shell of the body. A slightly more aggressive bumper completes the package.

DeLorean Alpha5 | Photo: DeLorean

The interior is also very sleek, like the DMC-12’s for that matter. The center screen at the end of the center console mimics the center portion of the old car’s dashboard, while the digital screen behind the steering wheel is a tribute to the instrument cluster of the time. Finally, the rest of the cabin is mostly a matter of those four wrap-around seats to keep the occupants snug.

DeLorean has yet to reveal all the details surrounding its new creation, but we do know a little more about the potential of this electric DeLorean. Equipped with a large 100 kWh battery, the car is said to be capable of traveling 300 miles (or 482 km) on a single charge, while 0-96 km/h is said to be achieved in 2.99 seconds with a top speed of 250 km/h.

DeLorean Alpha5 | Photo: DeLorean

We’ll have to wait for the full unveiling tomorrow for more details, but it’s already understood that production of this Alpha5 will be limited to just 88 units, a nod to the speed achieved by the car in the Back to the Future movie trilogy.

DeLorean Alpha5 | Photo: DeLorean

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