Friday, March 24, 2023
News Here is the Dashboard of the Upcoming Volvo EX90

Here is the Dashboard of the Upcoming Volvo EX90

The Volvo EX90 will share its dashboard with the related Polestar 3 electric SUV.

  • The Upcoming Volvo EX90 electric SUV will be fully unveiled on November 9th.

  • The automaker has now shown this model’s dashboard

  • This SUV will be available with the semi-autonomous Ride Pilot system

Volvo showed an image of the dashboard that will be found in the EX90, its upcoming electric flagship SUV that will be fully unveiled on November 9th.

This model is closely related to the Polestar 3 and this will show on the inside. Indeed, the picture provided by the automaker shows the same dual-screen setup, the same general dashboard shape, and the same steering wheel.

The center screen is mounted vertically as in current Volvo models, but the EX90 forgoes the plastic borders in order to make the screen bigger. This also makes it look as if the screen is free-floating, held only at the bottom, where it meets with the wood appliqué that runs the entire width of the vehicle.

In front of the driver, a small horizontal screen displays the vehicle’s speed, the electric range and other information that relates to the task of driving.

Volvo EX90 | Photo: Volvo
Volvo EX90 | Photo: Volvo

Speaking of which, the EX90 will feature Ride Pilot, which is an advanced version of the automaker’s current driver assistance systems that will use a large number of sensors including a LIDAR.

Volvo is preparing this vehicle to be ready for fully autonomous technology, but for now, drivers will still need to pay attention behind the wheel and they will be asked to take back control of the EX90 in certain circumstances.

This makes it very important for the driver to be aware of the current mode of the driver assistance systems at all times.

According to Volvo, this was a priority when designing the dashboard and its user interface. From what can be seen in the images published by the company, messages displayed on the instrument screen could be used to explain what is controlled by the vehicle and what is in the hands of the driver.

Volvo EX90 | Photo: Volvo
Volvo EX90 | Photo: Volvo

In addition, it seems as if activating and deactivating Ride Pilot will be performed by holding down a button on each side of the steering wheel, thus making it unlikely to change the system’s mode by accident.

Other details seen in the images show that the shift lever will be mounted on the right side of the steering column and that the wipers will be controlled by the turn signal lever. In addition, a center-mounted speaker hints that the up-level Bowers & Wilkins sound system found in current Volvo models will also be available on the EX90.

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