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NewsHispano Suiza Teases Big Wing, Big Battery Carmen Sagrera

Hispano Suiza Teases Big Wing, Big Battery Carmen Sagrera

Suiza squeezes out another Carmen

  • Newest Carmen gets big carbon wing

  • Latest model to go on sale later this year

The reborn Hispano Suiza car company is teasing another model due out this year. It’s called the Carmen Sagrera, and the supercar will get a larger battery pack and a more aggressive aero package compared with the Carmen and Carmen Boulogne.

The name comes from a neighborhood in the company’s historic home of Barcelona. It’s the industrial district where the company moved in 1911, when it needed to expand to meet vehicle demand more than 100 years ago.

Hispano Suiza’s tease is an exceptionally quick video, but we do find out a few things. We get to see the huge rear wing, for example. It looks like it will be able to generate massive amounts of downforce. It also has gold accents that probably don’t boost performance but absolutely look cool.

The Sagrera’s carbon wing pops out of the car’s tail bulge. The overhead shot doesn’t add much more but does show off the Carmen’s signature double barrel taillights.

It will look sportier, thanks to that wing. It will likely also come with more range, thanks to a 103 kWh battery pack (23 up from the other models). Hispano Suiza didn’t reveal powertrain details, but the electric Carmen offers 1,005 hp, and the limited-edition Carmen Boulogne makes 1,100. This model isn’t likely to make less.

We should find out more about the Sagrera soon. Hispano Suiza says that it will go on sale later this year.




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