Saturday, June 12, 2021
News Hit and Run Rolls Makes For Expensive Crash

Hit and Run Rolls Makes For Expensive Crash

Half a million worth of cars in British crash

  • In Ghost versus Urus battle, there are no winners here

  • Police say Rolls driver fled scene

This fender bender looks expensive, and it could get even more pricey for the driver of the Rolls-Royce in this uber-buck rear-ending in England’s West Midlands County.

Originally posted to Twitter by West Midlands Police, the image shows a Rolls-Royce Ghost that has run up the back of a car that’s notoriously difficult to see. A Rosso Mars (or Anteros, they’re both bright red) Lamborghini Urus crossover.

Police said the driver of the Rolls fled the scene and alleged that they were not driving for the conditions. The driver of the Rolls fled the scene, but police had their photo and sounded confident they’d find the driver quickly.

With several hundred grand worth of vehicles involved, this is the kind of crash that makes insurance company accountants shake with fear. As enthusiasts, we’re not thrilled with the result either.

No word on any injuries in the crash, but based on the damages it looks like at least one of the vehicles was going well in excess of the speed limit on that residential road. Good to see, though, that even with a solid hit that the coach doors are working as intended, and making even a departure from a crash scene filled with grace and poise.

They’ll need some of that grace after police said the driver “obviously can’t handle a car like this.” Harsh words when talking about a full-size luxury sedan.

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