Tuesday, February 7, 2023
News Honda and Acura Will Introduce New Safety Systems by 2030

Honda and Acura Will Introduce New Safety Systems by 2030

Honda has big goals for the safety of its vehicles


  • Active safety is becoming a priority for most automakers

  • Honda has set a goal to eliminate all traffic fatalities involving its cars and motorcycles by 2050

  • The new suite of safety features will be called Honda Sensing 360

Honda wants to make the safety of its vehicles a priority, and it goes for Acura as well.

By 2030, both companies should introduce new safety systems as part of a suite called Honda Sensing 360 and AcuraWatch.

Honda has set a goal to prevent all traffic fatalities involving its vehicles, but also its motorcycles by 2050, and it will try to achieve it by increasing both the active and passive safety of its products.

Since 2015, Honda and Acura models have been equipped with some active safety systems, including forward collision warning, front cross-traffic alert and blind spot monitoring.

The new suite of safety features will make use of five radars around the vehicle and a camera in order to get a better idea of what is going on near the vehicle and to decide the best course of action in case a collision is likely to occur. This is in addition to all of the systems already in use in the company’s cars.

On the passive safety front, a new type of frontal airbags has already been introduced on the new 2021 Acura TLX and 2022 MDX.

This airbag is designed to catch the passenger’s head and prevent them from sliding of the device, which is a leading cause of head injuries in car crashes.

Those features will be gradually introduced in both brand’s lineups in the next few years as optional extras at first, but they will become standard by 2030 in order to allow Honda to achieve its safety goal.

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