Friday, December 1, 2023
News Honda brings Prelude sports hybrid coupe to LA; Fans rejoice

Honda brings Prelude sports hybrid coupe to LA; Fans rejoice

  • The hybrid coupe will surely get its fare share  of positive reactions in LA.

  • Will Honda approve this hybrid coupe concept?

  • The Prelude name left the line-up in 2001.


Only a few weeks after its official launch at the Tokyo Mobility Show, the Honda Prelude concept has landed in Los Angeles for its second official venue. The Japanese automaker is taking advantage of its visit to the Californian metropolis to showcase its hybrid sports coupe concept and, of course, gage the public’s interest.

Honda Prelude Concept | Photo : Honda

Even though the model hasn’t been in the brand’s line-up since 2001, the name Prelude still resonates in the imagination of the brand’s die-hard fans. As Honda states in its press release, “The Prelude concept is designed to integrate ‘driving pleasure’ with the electrified future.”

At this time, it’s too early to confirm the coupe’s arrival in North America, but its presence in Los Angeles is likely to elicit positive reactions from enthusiasts. What’s more, the fact that Honda is stepping up its hybrid offering these days is a positive factor in the addition of this Prelude coupe to the local line-up.

Although Honda has not yet released any official specifications for its hybrid-powered sports coupe concept, it would not be surprising if the brand were to retry a second run of the model on the continent, given that hybrid-powered vehicles are already playing a key role in Honda’s electrification strategy.

In 2023, Honda Canada confirmed that over 40% of sales of the CR-V and Accord sedan were hybrid-electric variants, while nearly 35% of Honda’s total sales are expected to be electrified versions in 2024. In a few weeks’ time, Honda will launch its first electric crossover, the Honda Prologue 2024. A year later, in 2025, a second electric crossover will be launched, this one based on the brand-new electric platform conceived in-house. The Prologue, meanwhile, will be based on General Motors’ Ultium EV architecture.

Will North American consumers be treated to the hybrid-flavored Prelude coupe within the next few months? We don’t yet have the answer to this question, but it’s worth asking to say the least.

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