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News Honda Introduces the N-Van e: A Versatile Electric Vehicle with Home Powering...

Honda Introduces the N-Van e: A Versatile Electric Vehicle with Home Powering Capabilities

Honda has revealed details about its electric N-Van e, offering 130 miles of range and the ability to power household appliances.


  • Honda’s N-Van e boasts a range of 130 miles and features like vehicle-to-home power.

  • The electric van has a spacious interior design, with foldable rear seats and the omission of the center passenger-side pillar.

  • Honda’s new EV can serve as a portable power source with a 1,500 W output, suitable for emergency home power.


Honda recently provided insights into its electric N-Van e, projecting an impressive 130 miles (210 km) range. This novel vehicle, suitable for both commercial and individual usage, stands out due to its vehicle-to-home (V2H) capability, adaptable interior layout, and its role as a portable power source.

Honda N-Van e

In a move to transition from their internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles, Honda initiated this project. The electric version’s exterior bears a strong resemblance to the traditional Honda N-Van, albeit with a bumper constructed from recycled materials. Innovatively, Honda placed a slimmer battery beneath the cargo floor. This not only ensures an expansive interior but also offers a low and flat foundation. In addition, the design enhances cargo space by enabling the rear and passenger seats to fold flat. To facilitate smoother loading, the usual center pillar on the passenger side has been removed, representing a deviation from conventional vehicle designs.

Honda N-Van e

Performance-wise, the N-Van e aims to deliver a 130-mile cruising range, making it apt for city logistics. An ECON mode is available to further economize energy by moderating air conditioning usage. Prospective buyers will have the option to choose from three distinct trims: L4, FUN, and L2. Depending on the selected trim, the van can come equipped with advanced features such as Honda SENSING ADAS and multi-reflector halogen headlights.

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Beyond its primary transport function, the N-Van e doubles as a mobile power unit. With a 1,500 W output, it can energize tools and household devices through an external port. In emergencies, it can even power home appliances when linked to an external home power supply.

Honda N-Van e

Initially, Honda had indicated a price tag of roughly $7,000 for the electric van, but the company has now confirmed a 10,000$ price tag. Set for a spring launch in Japan, rigorous tests are underway to ascertain its range, battery dependability, and overall performance. To further engage enthusiasts, Honda plans to exhibit a prototype at the upcoming Japan Mobility Show.

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