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News Honda Motor CEO Believes Hybrids And Not EVs Are The Near Future

Honda Motor CEO Believes Hybrids And Not EVs Are The Near Future

Somewhat counter to most views, Honda’s CEO hybrids will shine brighter than EVs in the immediate future.

  • Hybrids will abide to world environmental regulations.
  • According to the CEO, EVs are not everyone’s cup of tea.
  • 2/3 of Honda global sales will be electrified by 2030.

In a way, Honda Motor CEO Takahiro Hachigo views are far from flawed. We seldomly, if ever, hear a person in a high position of power say that electric vehicles are not the future, or an absolute priority. Honda is a car company that, along with Toyota, pioneered the hybrid over 20 years ago when they introduced the first generation Honda Insight.

In an interview with Automotive News Europe, Hachigo-san specified that the objective is improving fuel efficiency through hybrid technology and not purely by electrification. Although this is Honda’s direction going forward, he did add that because there are regulations vary by country and market, pure electric vehicles will continue to be developed.

Honda, in fact, recently released what many think is the coolest retro EV in the Honda e based on the acclaimed Honda Urban EV Concept. Along-side the Honda e is the popular Honda Jazz (Fit) which has been available as a hybrid in various markets for some time. We can’t forget the Honda Clarity FCV or hydrogen-powered car either.

Our takeaway from this interview is that Honda will not be following in Volkswagen’s footsteps and go full EV before long so no one ask Honda about when their EVs are coming, especially here in North America.

Honda Jazz – Honda

Honda Jazz – Honda

Honda Jazz – Honda

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