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2024 Honda Prologue: 450 km Range, Almost 300 hp and a Price Tag Near $60,000

  • The Prologue also delivers an optimum torque of 333 lb-ft.

  • Maximum range is achieved with 19-inch wheels (EX and EX-L).

  • In the U.S., a front-wheel-drive variant will also be available.

Honda is seeking to make up for lost time in its quest to electrify its fleet. Lagging behind the competition on this front, the Japanese brand has at least found a way to speed up the process on the North American continent, while the development of a genuine platform dedicated to electric propulsion continues internally.

2024 Honda Prologue | Photo: Honda

Honda has turned to General Motors and its Ultium platform for the launch of its new Prologue, a crossover intended as a less lavish alternative to the Acura ZDX unveiled earlier this year. The latter is also based on GM’s original architecture.

The 2024 Prologue is already available for pre-order, while the first examples of the model are expected in the spring of next year.

Three liveries available

Honda Canada will imitate the American division with the Prologue. There will be three trims on the menu even if they carry different names.

Starting with the entry-level EX model, the Prologue is equipped with 19-inch wheels, the same size it shares with the mid-range model (EX-L). Inside, the black and anthracite fabric seats also feature decorative stitching. The driver’s seat features eight power adjustments and two for lumbar support. The front seats are heated, the climate control is dual-zone, and the two dashboard screens (11″ behind the steering wheel and 11.3″ in the middle) are standard equipment. Google’s Digital World is also integrated into the infotainment system’s display, as are the wireless applications of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

2024 Honda Prologue | Photo: Honda

Moving on to the EX-L livery, the upholstery changes to leather, and the driver’s seat even offers position memory. A twelve-speaker Bose audio system is an improvement on the basic audio system. Other noteworthy upgrades include an auto-dimming rearview mirror, a leather-wrapped steering wheel and a front and rear parking assistance system.

Last but not least, the top end of the range will carry the Touring name, as is already the case on the majority of Honda models in Canada. This version will be recognizable by its 21-inch wheels, the largest ever fitted to a Honda model. The most plush variant also comes with perforated leather seats, front seat cooling, a heated steering wheel and a Sport driving mode.

450 km between recharges

2024 Honda Prologue | Photo: Honda

One of the most frequently mentioned aspects of an electric vehicle is its range between charges. In Canada, only four-wheel-drive versions will be marketed. As such, the 2024 Honda Prologue will deliver an estimated range of 450 km, according to U.S. EPA numbers. It should be noted that this distance is possible with the 19-inch rims fitted on EX and EX-L models. The top-of-the-range Touring model should see a lower range figure between charges.

Honda has also indicated that the pair of electric motors develops a combined output of 288 hp and an optimum torque figure of 333 lb-ft. Connected to a Level 3 charging station, the Prologue is capable of recovering 100 km of range in just 10 minutes.

2024 Honda Prologue | Photo: Honda2024 Honda Prologue | Photo: Honda

The design of the new electric crossover is quite novel for Honda. The 2024 Prologue has been designed using virtual reality tools, a first for the brand. The more discerning may have already noticed that the silhouette of the newcomer is reminiscent of the Chevrolet Blazer EV. In fact, the two vehicles share a number of components. Inside, the American origins are even more obvious, with some controls taken directly from GM products.

Honda describes its crossover as a “neo-robust” design, a term that pairs the vehicle’s elegant silhouette with its stable, well-anchored stance on 21-inch wheels. Admittedly, the Prologue remains fairly restrained in its approach, a strategy that could pay off in the long run.

Approximately $60,000 to start

2024 Honda Prologue | Photo: Honda

In Canada, the 2024 Honda Prologue is expected to sell for around $60,000. For the moment, that’s all we know. We expect that official prices will be announced closer to launch next year.


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