Thursday, June 8, 2023
News Honda Teased the Prologue Electric SUV and its Plan to Sell 500,000...

Honda Teased the Prologue Electric SUV and its Plan to Sell 500,000 EVs in North America by the End of the Decade

Honda teased the Prologue and revealed its plan for the rest of the decade, including a new dealer image that is better suited to EVs.

  • The Honda Prologue will have a front end resembling the new CR-V and plastic cladding adding a more rugged look

  • This first EV from Honda will be built on the Ultium platform from General Motors

  • The automaker’s plan calls for Honda developed EVs by 2026 and 500,000 electrified sales in the US by 2030

Honda showed a new rendering of the Prologue SUV, its first electric vehicle, ahead of its launch in 2024.

From the image, the Prologue seems to have a front end similar to the one found on the new CR-V, minus the grille, which is replaced by a gloss black panel linking the headlamps.

According to Honda, the Prologue will have an adventurous style that will convey an impression of ruggedness. This will be achieved by the addition of black plastic cladding around the wheel arches, the bottom of the doors and the bumpers.

The Prologue was designed primarily at the Honda design studio in Los Angeles with the help of the team at the Japanese headquarters in order to make it more appealing to North American buyers.

The Prologue may be the first electric vehicle sold by Honda on our continent, but it is not entirely a Honda. Indeed, under the skin, the Prologue will be built on General Motors‘ new Ultium platform.

This is due to the automakers entering a partnership that will see Honda use the American company’s platform, battery and motors while it is working on its own electric technology which should enter production in 2026.

Despite having fell behind on the electrification front, Honda is confident it will be able to be a key player in the EV market, as evidenced by its ambitious plan for the rest of the decade.

By 2030, Honda will introduce 30 new electric vehicles around the world, which it hopes will bring its sales of EVs up to 500,000 units in North America at the turn of the decade.

In order to facilitate its move towards electric vehicles, Honda also revealed its new model for dealerships, which will need to feature electric vehicle charging stations.

The images show a model American Honda dealer, as evidenced by the blue colour scheme, but this dealer model will likely be applied in Canada as well.

Honda’s new dealership image | Photo: Honda

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