Thursday, February 2, 2023
News Honda Trademarked its Future Naming Strategy

Honda Trademarked its Future Naming Strategy

Honda will use a new naming strategy for its electric vehicles, at least in Europe.

  • The automaker will use alpha-numeric codes to designate new electric models

  • This naming strategy could be used on up to 8 vehicles

  • These names have been trademarked in Europe, but they could be used in North America as well

Alpha-numeric names seem to be in vogue in the automotive industry and Honda picked up on this trend, according to trademark documents unveiled in Europe.

These documents show that Honda bought the rights to use certain names that fit a new naming strategy the company is likely to use on its future electric vehicles.

These upcoming EV’s names will feature the same three letters followed by a number that will be used to differentiate them. This number will potentially be related to the placement of each model in the lineup in terms of size.

In practice, this means that the brand’s future EVs will be named e:Ny2 through e:Ny9. The “e” is said to stand for Honda’s eTechnology, while the “N” signifies new or next.

This is somewhat similar to the naming strategy used by Kia on its own upcoming electric vehicles, of which only the EV6 is currently on sale.

The new names will be used on models that haven’t been revealed yet, of which many will be built in collaboration with Sony, but it will not affect the first electric Honda to be sold in North America, since the SUV that will be built on General Motors’ Ultium platform will be called Prologue.

These partnerships are necessary for Honda, since the company has been slow to develop its own electric vehicles compared with other brands that are currently introducing new EV models.

This is not exclusive to Honda however, since Toyota, Mazda and Subaru are also just introducing their first EVs. This is due to the more conservative mindset of Japanese automakers, who prefer to see where the market is heading before committing to new ideas.

The trademarks for the new names are currently only valid in Europe, but they could be expanded to other world markets soon.

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